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Sophie Utikal
*1987 in Tallahassee, Florida, USA
works in Vienna in English, German y E spañol.

I am a bodyworker, visual artist and writer. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and am learning the Grinberg method with Avi Grinberg and Ruth Elkana in Spain since 2018. In all aspects of my life I deal with the body, experiences of migration, of being in between several worlds and reconfiguring all the time. 

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I am now offering online sessions via video call on Signal or Zoom! I will help  you become more aware of the (additional) limitations you hold in your body so that you can stop producing them. Curious? Then email me sophie.utikal@gmail.com

The first session will be free of charge.

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What is the Grinberg Method?
The Grinberg Method is about learning what we do in our bodies and that will eventually create a form of pain. How we hide when we are shy, hold back when we are angry or silence ourselves when we want to avoid confrontation. It is about learning how we produce these patterns so that we can stop them. 

How does the method work?
We will first define a clear aim: What do I want to change/ stop/ (un)learn in my life?  Next  is discovering how the body produces the pattern in the situation we want to change. Is it our shoulders that go forward? Our throat that closes? Our belly that contracts? This will need a process of training your body attention, awareness of breathing and your commitment to change.

How does a session look like?
Each session involves a short initial talk on your development in relation to you aim. Then you undress (except underwear) and I work with touch and verbal guidance to help you become aware of the areas in your body that we want to focus on. At the end you will rest for a few minutes to digest the lessons learned during the session.

How much does a session cost?
20€/ video session

How long is a session?
First session is 90 min. then 60 min.

Video sessions will be shorter, between 40-50 Minutes.

How many sessions will I need?
This depends a lot on how your body responds. I recommend minimum 4 sessions to see first results.

How can I prepare?
Don’t eat anything big 1-2 hours befor the sessions. Bring underwear you feel comfortable with. Arrive a few minutes earlier so you have time to go to the toilet, drink a glass of water and take off your coat.